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Discuss the Observation That the Interviewers Success in a Job Interview Depends More on the Interviewer Than Himself/Herself

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Energy Procedia 5 (2011) 779–784


The Effects of Energy Production on Environment in China
Yu Lihong, Wang Jingyuan*
East China University of Science and Technology, 130 Mailong Road, Shanghai 200237, China

In last 20 years, rapid economic growth and the process of industrialization in China had resulted in large scale
energy consumption and environment degradation. Usually the heavy and chemical industries, especially energy
industries will grow increasingly at this stage of industrialization. Intense researches have paid more attention to the
effects of energy consumption on environment, but little to the pollution from energy production. This paper focuses
on the emissions from energy production when the energy industries are developing and the measures involved
controlling the pollution. It is concluded that the factors those have significant effects on pollution emissions are
industrial value added, concentration, scale of industries, average scale of enterprises, technological improvement,
and environmental regulations. M oreover, some regulation and industrial development policies have been suggested.
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Selection and peer-review under responsibility of RIUDS
Keywords: Energy industry; Pollution emission; Environmental regulation.

1. Introduction
The process of industrializat ion generally means the evolution of the industries fro m light industries,
heavy and chemical industries, to high-degree processed and technology-intensive industries. The
economic growth and industrialization in China do show this trend in last 20 years. China has
progressively come into the stage of rapid development of heavy and chemical industries since 2000, the
growth rate of these industries, such as energy, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction materials , were
high and increased the proportion of secondary...


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