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Understanding Assisted Base Learning and How It Fits with Persona Centre Approach.

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Understanding Assisted Base Learning and how it fits with Persona centre approach.
This essay is based on my understanding of the assisted base learning and how it is similar to a person centred approach used by social workers and other professionals.  

In short assisted base learning is to find out what someone strengths are and let them build on those strengths. Finding someone strengths would ' involve avoiding seeing peoples as weak and' inadequate'. (Thompson and Thompson 2008 p253).   Everyone has strengths no matter who they are, how old they are, or their personal circumstances.

If the assisted base learning theory is used, the goal would be that the individual would have some constructive personality changes. According to Rogers, there are a number of different conditions, seemingly necessary for constructive personality changes to occur. Rogers (1992)

These conditions are based around good communication skills including active listening, a good understanding of each other’s relationship and the situation (in my example) with the social worker and the youth, these along with empathy in that of understanding the youth’s vulnerability.
The youth may have found himself in an unwanted inferior position, and he could be concerned about what others think of him, with this in mind he may be depressed and feeling social anxiety from the perspective of social rank theory (Price, Sloman, 1987; Gilbert, 1989, 1992). The social rank theory looks at how an individual’s mood and their feelings can be influenced by their social ranking, and this in turn influence’s an individual’s feelings of how inferior they may feel to others and looked down on. One of the outcomes of this is submissive behaviour. (Gilbert 2000)

Active listening is important in this process as Egan states; ‘full listening means listening accurately, and listening for meaning. Active listening plays a key role in all human service endeavours'. (Egan 2007 p78)

The phrase Constructive...


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