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Engl 135 Course Project First Draft Texting and Driving Week 5 Devry

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ENGL 135 Course Project First Draft Texting and Driving Week 5 DeVry

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ENGL 135 Course Project First Draft Texting and Driving Week 5 DeVry

Start with the attention-grabbing story: Capture your listeners’ attention right away with a detailed story, an anecdote about the problem. You will explain that if this happened, there must be a problem that should be solved.
Identify the topic: This idea lets your readers know what your proposal is about in general terms. Express the purpose: this idea allows readers to understand the purpose of your proposal. Establish your credibility: you may have some experience with this topic, and this is your opportunity to tell about it briefly. You may not be an expert, but you have included the ideas of experts in your proposal; identify two or three standout sources that lend credibility to the topic.
Emphasize why the topic is important: Few readers will care about a topic unless you make them care. Briefly identify effects and indirect effects that you will develop in the second section. End with your thesis statement. Be clear and concise about your solution and why it will succeed; start with your solution and then identify reasons for why it will work.
Problem Analysis: This section details the history, causes, and effects of the problem. Offer background information: Historical or background information will put your topic into a broader context. You will detail how and when the problem began…
What is your narrowed topic? Be detailed in your answer. You can use any of the versions you’ve developed for prior assignments.
The narrowed topic for my paper is about how laws are more effective in preventing texting and driving compared to the use of apps or devices that prevent the in-car use of cellphones.
Who is your primary audience or reader? Why?...


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