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Selection of Refractories for Metallurgical Furnace

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Metallurgical electric furnace is mainly scrap steel as the main raw material and steel-making. The scrap, lime, etc. to the furnace, the power, the electrode and the scrap between the arc and heating charge, metallurgy spare parts for a series of metallurgical chemical reactions, the scrap steel into steel. EAF mainly DC arc furnace, AC arc furnace and induction furnace and so on.
Refractories for direct current arc furnaces
There are three basic types of DC arc furnaces, ABB, Clecim and GHH. Different types of DC arc furnaces are classified according to the structure of the bottom electrode, which shows the importance of the bottom electrode. The bottom electrode of the ABB type DC electric arc furnace is electrically conductive with a conductive refractory and the bottom surface is air-cooled. The GHH is the bottom of which many small steel pins (20-50 mm diameter steel rods) are buried. Air cooling; and Clecim the bottom electrode is 1 to 4 crude steel rods, and the lower end of copper cooling jacket cooling. On the basis of these three types, the development of the steel-type, water-cooled cooling bottom electrode rods and steel rod and copper rod composite bottom electrode type and other forms.
DC arc furnace bottom electrode life, in essence, the life of refractories. For the Clecim bottom electrode, the electrode bricks have magnesia, magnesium carbon, magnesia-alumina and magnesia-chrome refractories. Europe generally use carbon-free Zang bricks, and Japan that the thermal shock stability is a big problem, should use high-carbon tt containing magnesium carbon brick. Metallurgical spare parts In order to further improve the thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance of briquettes, Europe began to use magnesia-alumina spinel materials and magnesia-chrome bricks. Clecim bottom electrode is to rely on heat to maintain a high life-span, so repair materials and construction results is critical, the current repair materials used mainly magnesium dry...


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