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Apa Selective Attention

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Selective Attention can be defined as the ability to focus on only one thing. Through selective   attention your conscious awareness focuses   like a flash light in the dark.   An example of selective attention is that you may be at a party hanging out,   talking and laughing with some friends, then, above your conversation and all of the background noise your hear someone call your name.   Because attention is selective is cause inattention to other things. One of the most common form of selective attention nowadays would be texting. Most high school teenagers text and walk at the same time thus giving teenagers a larger risk at danger.   Wit selective attention comes with selective inattention. Selective inattention   is when your attention is directed somewhere else and you have inattentional blindness.   Another form of inattentional blindness is called change blindness .   Change blindness is when something changes   right in front of your eyes and you don’t notice the change.

Consciousness and the Two Track Mind

With selective attention we unknowingly   ignore things. Selective hearing is a way of describing the tendency of some people to ignore things that they don’t want to hear. It is not a physiological condition because they are hearing the words but their minds chose not to acknowledge the words. In many cases the conscious mind does not appear to receive the information, so it is different than an active ignoring of speech. Instead, it is a sort of selective inattention that may be done consciously or subconsciously. (Nosofsky et al. 1997; Lamberts 1998) Usually   selective hearing is a trait associated with men. A common example would be a woman asking her male partner whether he wants to go to the opera that night, only to have him seemingly ignore her. However, when she mentions something of interest to him, such as football or beer, he immediately responds as though he had been listening all along. Although these sorts of examples may seem...


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