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Oil Extraction Machine Processing Method for Producing Quality Oil

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OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE processing method for producing quality oil

Soybean oil makes up large market of cooking oil. When we go shopping, we will find that there are soybean oil, peanut oil and seasame oil in the shelf. The three kinds of oil are common used in our daily life. Soybean oil is cheaper than other two kinds of oil. Do you know how to make soybean oil? Have you ever heard about Soybean Oil Extraction Machine?

Next we introduce readers about Soybean Oil Extraction Machine and how to get soybean oil with the machine.

Soybean oil is separated from solvent by vaporizing solvent out. In configuring the solvent extraction plant, pre-pressing may be involved in which case seeds are lightly pressed, and which leaves about 14% to 18% oil in the pressed cake. Oil Extraction Machine will further process these cakes and leave less than 1% oil in the final cake. This method results in higher yields, more oil; Lower power consumption, lower wear & tear / maintenance and high extract efficiency. Thus it could be used as complement equipment to extract the oil remained in cake, which yields are extra profits.

Soybean Oil Extraction Machine can also applies for some other oilseeds such as cottonseed, sunflower, etc.
Oil Extraction Machine plays more and more important role in oil production market. Welcome to consult us more information about solvent extraction machine.

The Advantages of Oil Extraction Machine by Leaching Method
Extraction of vegetable oil from vegetable oil is one of the methods of modern Oil Extraction Machine. The leaching method of Oil Extraction Machine is applied to the application of solid - liquid extraction, it uses the organic solvent which can dissolve oil, it also an oil extraction method which is extracted from the oil in the oil materials after spraying and soaking of the oil. Our Oil Extraction Machine adopts the leaching methods, and compared with other methods, the leaching method of oil extraction has obvious...


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