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Bruce Almighty Review

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We often think we don’t need god and we can fly solo, but the film “Bruce almighty” has effectively demonstrated that we do need God and we should trust in his judgment.

A film review by Sarah Madden.

Tom Shadyac, the director of the 2003 film Bruce almighty has effectively shown the teachings of Jesus which form the basis of all the Christian spirituality.   Throughout the film, moral decisions are made, ad it is in these decisions that the characters learn how you should pray with god, be thankful for what you have, and accept   there are something’s in life that you just can’t change.

The plot of this film is cleverly constructed to present many moral decisions being made. In the film, Bruce Nolan doesn't think the world is treating him fairly. He is a news reporter who keeps getting the worst stories he could ever get, and life just doesn't seem to go right for him. The one person he blames the most is God. But when God responds, Bruce finds himself taking on God's responsibilities. Now his chance to make his life perfect has appeared, but as he enjoys his new found powers, he starts to mistreat the things that matters the most

Lack of Christian spirituality is exemplified in the film through the director’s use of characters. Bruce makes a immoral decision by answering the millions of prayers that he receives through his computer, deciding to provide a blanket "yes" to every request he receives. . Bruce discovers that any attempt to use his supernatural powers to help one individual may end up causing damage and pain for someone else. He discovers that running the universe may not be as simple as it looks, a realization that brought him back down to earth and made him start to think more clearly. In fairness, Bruce takes on only the most superficial of supernatural powers; authentic religious faith teaches that God isn't just omnipotent but also omniscient, and Bruce never knows any more than he did as...


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