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School - the Two Sides of the Picture

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“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”
A very good example of this can be seen in our society. School is one of the places about which everyone has different opinions. For some it is a glorious place to learn, have fun with friends, share our thoughts & explore the wonders of education. For others it’s a real pain to waste perfectly good hours slaving away & getting scolded for no real reasons.
Anyway the main purpose of school is to provide education for a better future, but there are only a few who take it as a place to only learn.
The day in school starts out as a bad one because you have not done your homework. Homework is another strategy applied by teachers to make sure students don’t rest even in their own homes (how cruel!).after that you get what we call the “_final warning__”_.
Then in P.T (which I think stands for “physical torture”)where you are expected to have fun you end up doing stupid old exercises which are totally pointless & useless and while you are doing these exercisesthe P.T.Is are proudly telling you that you are doing the same exercises as the army(oh great & I thought that we went to school to study not to prepare for war).
School is a place where you are bored to death by the dull & long lectures. It is a place where teachers insult you in every possible way & then you get punished by more homework. School is a place where perfection is vital, if you hand the assignment a little late, you are scolded by teachers. We are humans not angels so we can’t be perfect.
In the end school is a burden for those of you who think of it as a burden but for those who understand the wonder of school It‘s a great place. It‘s not the way things are but the way you look at them.


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