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Dress Codes in Schools

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Dress Codes in Schools
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Dress Codes in Schools
Dress codes in schools can have a huge impact on our kid’s futures and lives.   Enforcing dress codes in public schools have been debated on for many years now.   Some say especially the teenagers think it’s just another rule for them to follow and another way the school can take away their individually.   On the other side of the spectrum studies have shown that dress codes can decrease school violence and increase learning.   As a parent in a state that has a high number of gangs and violence in schools and a low number of graduates, I strongly agree with the dress code in schools.
Students in schools are bullying their fellow peers for many reasons but a main reason is the different social classes and if a child is or isn’t wealthy enough to look a certain way.   This bullying is causing violence.   “About 20 percent of teens had been made fun of by a bully, 18 percent of teens had rumors or gossip spread about them, 11 percent were physically bullied” (Waters, 2011).   There are many reasons why a bully attacks, one of the biggest reasons would be the physical appearance of their peers.   Their clothes are part of that physical appearance; some families can’t afford those designer clothes, so they get picked on because of that.   A way to reduce the visible difference between the wealthy and the poor with children would be to have a dress code because every student will have the same color and type of clothing on.
Gangs are being recognized in schools because of what they are wearing by certain brands or colors, if students were made to have a dress code this wouldn’t be taking place in schools.   “Every two years in America, as many people are killed by handguns alone as were killed during the Vietnam War” (Gangs in, 2011).   Imagine your child in school being attacked by a gang because of what they wore.   Many kids today are being attacked by gangs because of their designer clothes...


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