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Dress Codr

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Dress Code

Baggy pants, spaghetti straps, short skirts, and more are all distractions in schools. We already have a lot of gossip to talk about without students wearing inappropriate clothing in schools. I am for the dress code because dress codes ban students from wearing inappropriate clothes by setting limits but not taking away their rights.   When students wear baggy pants, hats, hoods, logos, wallet chains and more it could be gang related causing fear to spread in the school.   Students wearing inappropriate clothes makes the school looks bad. Tests show that students who have dress codes have better academic grades then students who don’t have dress codes. Hats are not allowed in schools because they increase the amount of lice, students play games like keep away with them, and it’s rude to wear them indoors. They also could block the view of anyone that is behind you, and they could hide weapons or cheating devices. Short shorts, short skirts, and spaghetti straps are banned because they reveal too much of girls’ bodies. Dress codes limit what students can wear without telling them what to exactly wear. Uniforms do not.   They strip students of their rights. There is a line to draw between dress codes and uniforms. The costs of uniforms are likely more than regular clothes and the extra money could have gone to better things. Different people feel comfortable in different types of clothes. Also if everyone wore the same things it would be hard to recognize anyone. If a natural disasters occurred it would be hard for parents to find their children if everyone had the same clothes on. I support the dress code 100%. If we didn’t have a dress code everyone would wear inappropriate clothes or we would have to wear uniforms. Both ideas do not sound good.   If there was no dress codes everyone would either wear what ever they want and it would make the school look bad or we would have no choice what to wear and we would all wear the same thing. The dress code...


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