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Prison Gangs

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Prison Gangs
One of the major problems of Correctional Facilities today are prison gangs or Security Threat Groups (STG’s).   “The term Security Threat Group (STG) is a nationally recognized term and is in use throughout most of the United States departments of correction.   The term Security Threat Group accurately embraces all of the basic categories of gangs and reflects their impact on the security of prison operations.   In addition it eliminates any recognition that criminals may derive from publicity about their gang, or its activities” (Arizona Department of Corrections, 2009.)
Prison gangs or STG’s are a group of criminals who pose a treat to the security and physical safety of the institution.   They focus primarily on uniting inmates for self protection and the domination of illegal prison activities.   Prison gangs are mostly divided along racial lines and practice some sort of defiance towards authority.   They use a variety of hand signs, alphabet codes to communicate, tattoos, and different types of gang terminology.   Gangs characteristically have rivals and make an alliance with other gangs.   Tattoos help in determining gang affiliations.   The criminal activity of prison gangs does not only exist inside the confines of the prison walls, but has flowed to the outside world.   Criminal activities such as prostitution, extortion, drug selling, gambling, loan sharking are regularly operated by prison gangs.  
Prison gangs exist in most prisons and the threat of violence affect every inmate.   These prison gangs, whether Black, Hispanic, or White, are known for their viciousness and violence and use this reputation to maintain power and control over other inmates.   The threat of violence is present in prison at all times.   Some acts of violence may include assaults and murders of inmates, correctional officers and persons outside of the prison walls.   A reason for an attack is usually when a disagreement between the inmates or a perception of "disrespect" is...


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