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Prisons Studies

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Under Bimbi's instruction and influence, Malcolm X succumbed to a passion for learning. Starting by the dictionary to enlarge his poor vocabulary, the author ended up an avid reader as he found in the book his only outlet to the outside world and his only source of freedom in jail. Summary
In spite of the hard surrounding circumstances in jail "lights out par.12", Malcolm kept an optimistic view of his situation "the glow was enough par.14". His peaceful acceptance of his imprisonment helped him pursue a transformational experience throughout the book.

In the book, Malcolm found his freedom far away from the shining rays of outside's sun "I never had been so truly free par.9". The book has been his only outlet and his only gate to the real world "anyone who has read a great deal can imagine the new world that opened par.9". Therefore, once he gained the basics to understand what he used to read, his appetite for learning became insatiable.

Once the course of life narrowed the possibilities of distraction for the author, it brought him to realize the infinite pleasures a book could provide, as it could open number of doors that hide a whole world behind each.
  In fact, a free man living outside bars could never have had the chance to discover as many worlds as the author had in prison, since the outside world holds also number of distractions and obligations that manipulate the notion of time leaving barely some for the free man to spend it enlarging his learning horizons. Therefore, the book provided freedom for a man behind bars more than everyday's life could bring to attached engaged free people, as well as this same book illuminated a prisoner's mind far more than outside's bright sun could release the reason of a free man. The optimism despite the hardship of the imprisonment:

The connotative value of the book:

Prison's education compared to outside education:


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