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Different Paths Same Destination

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Different Paths Same Destination
Given this situation there are certain expectations that others expect from me and what I expect from myself. For example, my childhood was surrounded by peers in comfortable living situations and few dealing with adversity. I had no encounters with crime. Staying on the straight and narrow affected my activities as a teen. On my spare time, instead of doing drugs or having a part-time job, I was focused on obtaining good grades and receiving a scholarship to a prestigious university to play baseball.
In the summer transitioning to university, I worked my first job at a drywall supplies store in Vancouver. As tough and monotonous as the job was, speaking with my co-workers aboutthe living conditions in which they grew up in gave me a better understanding of how society can shape an individual. For example,one co-worker described how he had been working since the age of 12, he never had a father and his mom was an alcoholic. Before, I would look at this individual with a conceded view and felt like I was somehow more superior then him. In a job that required exceptional work ethic and strenuous physical exertion I realized that the only thing that made him different from mewas his initial position in society. Furthermore, I felt that he understood the truemeaning of “sociological imagination”. Every day he showed up to work on time and happy to be working. He knew that it wasn’t because of his lack of performance in life that has left him at a minimal paying job; it was society’s influence on his disadvantages.


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