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My life is interesting only if it is related to psychoanalysis

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“My life is interesting only if it is related to psychoanalysis.”   Those are the infamous words of a man who is believed to be one of the most influential figures in Psychology.   Sigmund Freud is his name, the father of psychoanalysis.   As a child, Sigmund was intensely loved by his parents, and always strived to do his best in his academic studies.   He took his research very seriously and was extremely enthusiastic to begin his journey through the world of Psychology.   Likewise, his followers were and still are equally fascinated by his discoveries.
Sigmund Freud was born Sigismund Schlomo Freud on May 6, 1856 in Freiberg, Moravia, which is presently a portion of the Czech Republic.   His father, a Jew named Jacob Freud, worked in a factory that manufactured textile products.   Amalia (Nathansohn) Freud, Sigismund’s mother, was a homemaker and favored Sigmund over his seven younger siblings; “my golden sigi” she would call him.   The second child born to Mister and Misses Freud was a little boy by the name of Julius.   Sigmund became very jealous of his brother, and found himself wishing baby Julius would vanish.   Unfortunately, on April 15, 1958, Julius suddenly died.   Freud also had two older brothers whom were well into adulthood by the time of his birth.   In fact, Sigmund was an uncle before he was brought into this world.   His older nephew John was his greatest companion as a child, however the two boys often competed with each other; John was older, but as the uncle, Sigmund frequently triumphed.   In 1860, the textile company Jacob worked for went out of business and the family was forced to move to Vienna, Austria.   Although Freud’s parents were proclaimed as Jewish, they did not raise their children religiously.   Sigmund practiced Jewish cultures, but as he grew older he became an Atheist.   As a young student, Freud's mother home schooled him.   Sigmund did not enter an actual educational institution until he reached his high school years.   It was then that...


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