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Vietname War

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Vietnam War
    The Vietnam War was starting in 1965 and ending in 1975. That was only North Vietnam and South Vietnam having a civil war. But when the United States got into the war become a big war. Also, United States want to control the Vietnam, they thought they were a very powerful country, so they can do something whatever they like. That was true; United States was the first country has Atom Bomb and has a lot the powers country. That doesn’t mean anything; because we need to know what were the Vietnamese want to do and they don’t know what government in United States. So we can’t just change them with one person’s idea. I think the United States shouldn’t get into the Vietnam War.
    After the Vietnam War we can know what happen to the United States not win and not lost. Just like not thing happen, but that was not. We had 58,000 troops were killed in the Vietnam War. I think we should look back at the history; we can’t let that happen again and we need to fix the mistake or problem.
    American culture has been derived from European culture; they believe the freedom and democracy. But the Vietnam people they don’t know what that is, how can we control them? The true thing is naval units of the communist regime in Vietnam have deliberately and repeatedly attacked United States Naval vessels in international waters. But why have American boats in the international water? That was near the Vietnam, Vietnam only the small country, if you are doing that they would be afraid and they would antagonize. American thought they just nation couldn’t leave to the cruelties of its enemies a people who have staked their lives and independence on America’s solemn pledge. Viet-Nam would undermine the independence of many lands and would whet the appetite of aggression. I think the Vietnamese should protect themselves.


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