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Controversy over the Vietnam War

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Controversy over the Vietnam War
“South Vietnam is fighting for its life against a brutal campaign of terror and armed attack inspired, directed, supplied, and controlled by the Communist regime in Hanoi” (“Aggression from the”). The longest war, lasting from 1959 to 1975, the United States of America participated in had a total cost of fifty-eight thousand American lives and three million Vietnamese lives (Goldstein). These deaths are the result of the Vietnam War, a highly controversial battle. The Viet Cong are Vietnamese communist rebels who are under the leader, Ho Chi Minh (“Vietnam War”). He is a devoted communist who wants all of Vietnam to become a communist country. As a result of this conflict, Vietnam had separated into two different sides, the North and the South (Tucker). Alongside the United States of America were forty other countries that supported Southern Vietnam while China and Soviet Russia supported Northern Vietnam (Goldstein). The United States of America’s involvement within the Vietnam War was justified because of the decision that supported what they believed in, which is the government type democracy.
There are countless arguments between the two groups believing whether or not it is justified. There are many disagreements between these two groups till this very day. During this time period, the United States citizens were terrified of the war because of the possibility that they could be drafted into the military (Bodenner). During this time, the fear of communism had died down so much that people felt the Vietnam War was useless. The media had given coverage of the Vietnam War to the public and had aired it on the television (Goldstein). This event from the media caused people who lived in the United States to be filled with disgust (Berman). They wanted to end the war immediately because of all the catastrophes witnessed on the screen. Certain college campuses had set up protests for the Vietnam War to be ended with. On the day...


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