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Sport Lessons

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Sport lessons nowadays are considered as an obligation to the children in schools. A controversial discussion has already raised as it seems an increased number of parents to claim that this program should become optional. The main reason for that is their children who either having difficulties in general for doing sports or they do not feel convenient at all, being overweight.

I am not really on the same wavelength with the parents’ belief as my point of view is entirely different. I will try briefly to demolish the parents’ views, showing them that the following factors are predicated essential for their children’s upbringing and in any case only positive feelings are given out. Consequently having read the below you may arrive to the conclusion that sports lessons should remain compulsory for our children.

Factors such as :
- their physical education,
- the feeling of wellness,
- the paramount importance of their children health at a later stage,
- the promotion of the team spirit,
- the self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline, etc.
- the meaning of the healthy exercise

are considered as an imperative need to be built into our childrens’ character and properly be educated, as they grow up during their affiliation into our society.

Sport lessons should be compulsory in our schools. I think that it is not appropriate the children to decide whether to attend these lessons or not. Certainly our children need to be driven to the right decisions and in particular during their first steps. It is obvious that during this period they start feeling stressed, under enormous pressure, tamper with the unknown. Once they start going to school their parents’ presence is needful so as to assist and encourage them as needed. Children may not be responsible for their acts during their first steps, besides to err is human, but we as parents are and certainly we should keep them always advised, remind them their accountabilities....


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