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Climate summit at Copenhagen - Will the PM's visit, make a difference?

There is interior relationship between environment and human life. A full understanding of the challenges facing humanity requires knowledge of the evolution of the roles of technology, population expansions, cultural mores, climate, disease and warfare in changing human attitudes and responses through time. More recent changes in the human-environment relationship, such as accelerated globalization and global environmental change, have deep roots in humanity’s relationship with nature over the past millennium. The Great Acceleration is arguably the most profound and rapid shift in the human environment relationship that the Earth has experienced. Important phenomena include a rise in human population, the strengthening of nation states, the global transfer of inventions and values, the beginning of industrialization and the rise of global communications, and associated with these the dramatic modifications of land use and biodiversity, hydrological and energy flows, and key ecological processes. The role of the environment in economic thinking has changed substantially over the past 30 or 40 years.

“We have the moral responsibility to bequeath to our children a world which is safe, clean and productive, a world which should continue to inspire the human imagination with the immensity of the blue ocean, the loftiness of snow-covered mountains, the green expanse of extensive forests and the silver streams of ancient rivers” said by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has attended the Copenhagen Summit on climate change December 18, reflecting the seriousness attached by India to the meet where it is expected to play a crucial role. The decision of the Prime Minister to attend the Summit comes against the backdrop of insistence by world leaders, including US President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy that he should come there. The French President...


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