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Lake Leverite

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Lake Leaverite

    I love to camp and I found a place where my family and I have can come to escape the

everyday life. It is where serenity and peacefulness is unmatched by any other.

I love it so much that I won’t even tell you the name of my favorite place, so will call it

Lake Leaverite. Just thinking about Lake Leaverite makes my stomach tingle with

bubbles of excitement.

      Traveling to Lake Leaverite it is a drive to destiny. You arrive looking up to this

towering arch way made out of pine trees that seem to be holding each other up, as if it

is marking the beginning of yet another adventure. The elevated pine trees litter the

campgrounds that have shed their needles to create a carpet like flooring.

Standing tall and blocking the sizzling sun the pine trees which are overflowing with a

variety of colorful birds. The chipmunks scampering worry free across the sap saturated

tree limbs storing Pinion nuts for their winter harvest.

      Huge river rocks make a circular barrier to contain the dancing flames that are

  crackling beneath the sweating franks. You can still smell a light toasted scent of the

marsh mellows from campers before.   The campgrounds are well groomed and clean,

you could do the white glove test and it would pass.

    As a gentle breeze whistles across the clear blue sky, the lake becomes smooth as

glass this allowing a fishing line to flow one way then another luring the big one.

It’s a lake known to be where some of the best trout fishing has occurred and many

anglers from all over the states have made the tall tail of the” big one that got away”


      I remember watching my kids on the shore playing and laughing with their fishing

poles furiously casting out a dinner invitation. I noticed my daughter casting out

her line every two to three seconds then as the line broke the surface, her pole drove down

towards the earth,...


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