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Keenjhar Lake in Peril!

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                    The Keenjhar Lake is the biggest freshwater lake of the country. It is also called Kalri Lake. In the past it is formed by the blending of two Lakes, Sonehri and Keenjhar; through the construction of an embankment on their eastern side in 1950s. These two lakes came into being when the River Indus changed its way. The lake is a major supply of drinking water for Karachi, the residents around the lake, who are consuming water for their daily use and also in other parts of the Thatta district. It is one of the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan.

Rich in biodiversity:

                  The Kalri Lake is an internationally chief reproductive area for a spacious diversity of migratory birds. Breeding birds include night-heron, cotton teal, purple moorhen, passerines etc. Mammals include jackals, fox etc. Among reptiles, snakes like cobra and saw-scaled viper are famous. Monitor lizards and spiny-tailed lizards are also found here. The number of birds in and around Keenjhar Lake has dropped. Authorities pointed hunting as the major root of the decline.
                  According to a survey report, Keenjhar Lake is the richest site with 263 species followed by Chotiari reservoir with 211 species. Moreover high diversity, Keenjhar Lake was unique in the sense that it was home to about 70 plant species.
                  Experts have discovered and are trying to conserve the presence of mangroves in a position located some 120-kilometres inshore in the Thatta district , next to the south-eastern lower part of Keenjhar Lake. According to them this area of flora is unique because it is far from the coast, and is not related to the River Indus.

Polluting factors:

              When poisonous substances enter in lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, and other water bodies, they get dissolved. This result in water pollution. The lake is facing the scarcity of freshwater over years...


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