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Should Grades in School Be Given?

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Since the early age, students were measured by some ‘letters’ or ’numbers’ that were named ‘grades’. Grades are standardized measurements of varying levels of comprehension within a subject area. They show how well some student did in exercises that he was given by his teachers. But, should grades be given anymore? – that is the question that many of us have asked ourselves.
    On one hand, grades have been standardized since the early age and therefore there will be misunderstandings between students and teachers if grades, as we know them, will be changed to something completely new – some new type of valuating. Every grade contains her own description and it shows student how well he did and, because it is standardized, every other teacher will know how god student is in one particular subject. For example A is a highest grade and it shows student that he did something excellent. Also, grades have become some type of competition between students because now every student wants to be better and wants to catch up with their colleagues that are better than him.
On the other hand, grades sometimes are not very fair because some teachers give their students’ grades based on their very subjective perception discarding the fact that grade has to be based on an objective perception of the examiner. Also, every teacher asks for another type of knowledge and because of that every student has to adjust to teachers’ need, which is very hard to deal with.
    To conclude, nowadays grades are far perfect, but because they are standardized all around the world, we can not influence them in term of changing the way of evaluating success.


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