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Young Actors Need Support

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Dreaming Beyond Dreams (The goodness in dreaming and being brave )
Every kid has a dream . It is natural and adults were always there to
support them , well perhaps almost all adults , parents and guardians were
supportive enough to let the children have fun and explore almost all
the things that the world can offer . Probably , this support might lead
to the child 's determination to achieve something which will be useful
in the coming years . Support from adults develops talents in the sense
that children experience the freedom of exploring new things which opens
to new possibilities . In addition , talents were gifts needed to be
developed and those who practiced this gift need to be trained well so
that it will lead the children into a lot better world . Probably , a lot
better world will be open for them with all the windows and all the
doors are widely open and a big pool of opportunities waits for their
arrival .
Theatre and theatre arts were only few among those sanctuary which
houses talented people in acting . Well , it doesn 't focus on those who
were gifted already but it also accept people who have all the
determination and courage to try new things and take a peep in the hole
of drama , comedy and romance in the form of a play . Although theatre
arts or acting in a playwright is much more difficult than those in the
cinema , it is still desirable to the extent that as of the moment ,
several people , mostly children and also those who were young at heart
were engaged in this kind of hobby which can soon be a profession if
practiced and mastered well .
Taking the Lead
Like every story , United Arab Emirates ' decision to open themselves to
the world and to show their culture full of proud and bravery follows
the path taken by theatre arts before it reached the shores of this
country . With all the drama , comedy and romance in just a single dish ,
UAE promoted their homeland into several people with...


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