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Young People and Stress

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young people and stress
very person has its own reasons for stress . It’s mainly caused by work or school and relationships between friends and family.
Stress is becoming very usual thing in everyday life . Most of the people are or have been suffering from stress and the age of people suffering from it is getting younger every year. It is mainly caused by life getting more expensive every day and students have to go to work next to school to get more money. It’s pretty understandable that this kind of lifestyle is very hard and the possibility to become stressed and tired is very high.
The other reason for stress is relationships with parents. Young people are very often having problems and misunderstandings with their parents. That’s mostly because young people are going through puberty, trying to find themselves and their ‘part’ in the world.

It is not natural for young people to feel stressed and hopeless about the situations they face. All young people want is to be happy, to make a real difference they need our help to develop a more positive mental attitude and to understand that the real source of their happiness or their stress and to develop the inner strength and confidence to deal with any situation, however challenging, is an important goal.

Many young people today put too much emphasis on materialism as a source of their happiness and need our help in understanding the importance of one's inner values e.g.:
sharing and caring, moving away from "us" and "them" and using their resources to help others
respecting the rights of others interdependence and our reliance on others compassion and forgiveness
It is unrealistic to expect young people to be able to avoid conflict and that is why we need to teach them how to seek a win/win resolution to conflict. This involves helping them to look at situations from different perspectives, not just their own.
Young people also need our help in making full use of the opportunities that...


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