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Smoking Is on the Increase Among Young People

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Smoking is on the increase among young people

Smoking is something people do in order to calm down when they are angry, or simply because they got addicted to it after trying to smoke when they were young and wanted to be like their friends who also smoked. This is the most common way of getting into smoking, and it has a bad impact upon people’s lives. Here are also included the ones that do not smoke but are inhaling the smoke breathed out by smokers.
Throughout time, smoking has spread from adult people who were responsible of their actions to younger, more fragile organisms – the youngsters-, that are unaware of the danger smoking poses to their life. One possible way to deal with this problem would be to post advertisements picturing the bad effects that smoking has on each one’s health on more than just mere television or cigarette packs. We are in the century of technology, and young people are more comfortable with using PCs and Internet nowadays more than ever. If measures were taken, using the Internet, to reduce the number of young people who smoke, the impact it would have on their decision would be a great one, and many of them are going to give up smoking.
The decision of whether young people should start smoking has to be in the hands of their parents. They should focus their attention on ways to improve their authority towards children and reduce the influence some bad-willed persons have over their kids. This could be considered yet another way of making youngsters resist the temptation of smoking.
Governments have already took some measure that should stop young people from starting smoking, by prohibiting tobacco shops and every other kind of shop from selling cigarettes to minors. But no every person respects that prohibition and many of them are continuing to sell them to youngsters. Serious attempts to halt this illegal sale must be made, such as placing video cameras inside the shops and checking the recordings every week. This...


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