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Animal Expirmentation

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Appendix E
I have a feeling that my opinion is going to differ from the other students in my class, but I choose Donnie. I think that John already knows what it necessary to fit in to new surroundings, and has already developed what he believes himself to be; not to mention coming from a status such as his, he has probably already been subdued to such pressures. However, Donnie seems to be one that has trouble fitting in, which would lead him to drastic measures in order to feel like he belongs. He would easily be persuaded into drinking, doing drugs and other irresponsible acts. He seems to kind of be a loner, and that his band mates are his only mates. So therefore, moving away to a new place, where he is all alone again, he will be even more insecure than ever. He is very unsure of who he is, even though he thinks he knows what he wants to do with his life. I think that he will conform to whatever is necessary to feel wanted, also once someone with such a low self-esteem as his gets a taste of the attention he is more likely than not to keep wanting more and more. I have personally seen this happen in my high school; someone who was less then popular would randomly show up at a party, do some crazy immature actions that got them some attention; next thing you knew they were at every party, and doing whatever it took. Low self-esteem can be dangerous in adolescents and teens. I believe that moving away to a new place, being under new pressures, and influence will be too much for Donnie to handle. That does not go without saying that it will not be a ride in the park for John either. I just think from the information provided that his status from high school would have already presented him with then influences.


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