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Homosexual Behavior

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Meghan Smith
K Waldron
American Government
01 March 2010
Same-Sex Marriage
From the time the constitution of the United States was created there have been arguments over its correct interpretation. In today’s society the issue being debated is over same sex-marriage. Some states have passed laws allowing it, while other states have passed laws banning it. The Supreme Court itself will in one case allow same-sex marriage to occur, while in another case rule against it. The federal government currently doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage even though the Supreme Court had it legalized in California. All these contradictions make it even more difficult for the government, both state and federal, to decide if same-sex marriage should be legal. But, with several states passing legislation legalizing same-sex marriages, a national law should be passed requiring all states to provide benefits to same-sex partnerships.
In the case of the purple swamp hen, up to 10 percent of the population mates or attempts to mate with its own sex… The female-female mating could possibly determine the number of eggs the female lays; also, the body language given in mating might help to decrease aggressiveness amongst the flock. In a situation such as this, the homosexual behaviors are not only natural but also help the species to regulate its population size and general attitude, (serendip.brynmawr.edu 4937).
Homosexual behavior has been seen in over 400 species worldwide. By doing these studies on animals it can be seen that homosexuality is completely natural.
Looking at these statistics can make anyone question if same-sex marriage is right, but to many, drugs are a way to escape bad home lives.
50% of all gay and lesbian youth report that their parents reject them due to their sexual orientation. 26% are forced to leave home because of conflicts over their sexual orientation. [and] In a study of 194 gay and lesbian youth, 25% were verbally abused by parents,...


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