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The Preliminary Outline
Research question(s):Should biochemical agents be used as future weapons in modern warfare
Aspects to be covered:
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Definition of biochemical warfare and biochemical agents
1.2 What led to the usage of biochemical weapons and brief history
1.3 Global response towards the usage of biochemical weapon
2.0 Effects on the usage biochemical weapons
2.1 Effects on mankind
2.2 Effects on the environment
3.0 Advantages in development and usage of biochemical weapons
3.1 Benefits to the country’s defense system
3.2 Effective and cost efficient weapon
3.3 Easy to produce,quantify,weaponize and conceal
4.0 Disadvantages in development and usage of biochemical weapons
4.1 Unpredictable and easily mutated
4.2 Being cultivated and sold to terrorist or in black market
4.3 Being misused by terrorist to create havoc and cause human casualties
5.0 Conclusion
      Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2005     Annotated Bibliography
Group: S5
Title: Biochemical Warfare
Christian gives concise history on biological warfare and its effect on past and present society. It is known that usage of biochemical weapons are against nature and lethal. The text provide me resources for the effects on usage of biological weapons and also the global response towards usage of the weapon.
The author provides concise history of biochemical warfare with the pros and cons of it. Usage of biochemical weapons brings both advantage and disadvantage. This text provides an argument and source that biochemical weapon has more bad than good as the usage of it is against war ethics and human rights.
Iwamoto, K 2005, The Devastation of Agent Orange: Vietnamese Victim’s of the War’s Enduring Legacy, 3rd March 2010,


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