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Dog Massacre in China

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• More than 50,000 dogs have died in china from torture and horrible killings, and yet there are more to come. (American Chronicle).   Pictures and videos of such horrible scenes are just too horrible too show to public.   For example, The Care2 make a difference foundation describes a horrible picture that is too graphic for anyone to watch; “…, several small and fluffy white dogs - you can just tell they're used to snuggling on the laps of their loving owners - are trapped in a makeshift cage. One by one, the dogs are pulled out with a pair of long metal tongs, and brutally beaten with a stick. And then - even though it appears that some of the dogs may still be alive - they're tossed into a pit to be burned.   When listening, watching, and reading about such terrifying things I get chills all over my body.   How could anyone have such a black heart that is too blind to see the terrified beings suffer?   I know that I would die if I ever witness someone kicking a poor animal.   Therefore, because of my love for animals, and specially dogs, whom are the most faithful animals, I believe that this topic is one of the top 10 issues that need to be taken absolutely seriously, or else the name of humanity and good will be disappeared forever.   This topic is absolutely one of the most important topics to society.   If we stay careless about this topic and not do something about it then it just shows that there isn’t one human left in this world.   I think that this subject is so horrible and terrifying to discuss with public, which is why it is almost never mentioned.   However, even though this is a topic that every single person in this world should know, not everyone does.   In fact, I didn’t even know about it, until just recently.   Even though, a lot of people are unaware of this subject matter, there still has been a whole lot of research done on it.   This topic is very controversial, which is why I think that the American government does not want to get involved.   I think...


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