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China a Threat? Not to Be Fooled.

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        There has been a lot of confusion over who has shown there true colors during the Iraqi crisis. France has basically said they hate the US. Russia, has shown us that she is no longer even a distant \"friend\". And then there is China. One of the most populated places on earth with the biggest military in the world. What have they said about the war? They have stayed out of things in order to look like they have no part in any of the world affairs. That, is just a cover up. They are planning a massive attack on the Country of North America, and most likely will also take down Canada. The reason? They hate America. And once America is gone they will begin to take over the entire world. They will try to unite the world under a one communist rule. With Russia at there side, who will stop them. America will certainly put up a good fight, but after that who else. Will the rest of the world unite to destroy the Communists, or will they just let the communists take over the world? One thing is for sure. Someone is going to get a stupid idea and start a nuclear war. Humanity will destroy itself in an attempt to bring about world peace. The world is about to erupt in chaos and the United States of America will be in the midst of it all. America, a nation of proud arrogant fools who believe they are the center of the universe. They could care less about what happens in the real world. They support the war, they support their sons and daughters who serve their country by giving up there lives so that others might have freedom. How do I assume all this? Every body has heard of George Bernard Shaw. Is it not he who quoted,”The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.” How did America end up in this situation. They have done it to themselves by putting themselves first in line, pushing everybody out of the way. We cannot forget North Korea. They have threatened the United States by the mere fact of there nuclear weapons they...


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