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The Impending Threat

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The noose tightens around the People’s Republic, as the United States makes its presence known. The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) is becoming an advanced military force. It   continues to expand because of one thing: the United States of America is becoming a threat. Known for its arts and beautiful country, China now faces a real deal of nuclear attack. Even now, US battleships and submarines point menacing nuclear missiles at China, poised to strike at the snap of a finger. Increased battle readiness and military competition between China, its allies, and its adversaries have triggered a “prepare for war” position against each other. The United States has conspired over the years as to whether to consider China as a threat or not, and things have turned ugly. The US has, more than any other country, tightened the strings of diplomacy.

From 1992 to 1996, the United States planned a strategy of continued military dominance in order to “prevent the re-emergence of a new rival...that presents a threat of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union” as stated by Defense Secretary Colin Powell. As China continues to become a supreme military power, this statement comes into affect. The United States will do anything in its abilities to thwart China’s economic and military growth. This became true when it formed an alliance with Taiwan in order to prevent the possible invasion by the PLA. To this day, the United States continues military support by selling arms to the region. The United States also has supplied Japan with weaponry, including ballistic missile defense systems, which will be explained to later in the near distant future.

At the start, China was once an agricultural-based economy. All this changed starting in the year 1978, when the country began to modernize. Especially nowadays, major cities on the East Coast are being expanded, making room for the 345 million people expected to migrate there. Along with increased interest in foreign...


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