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The Main Threat to Weimar Stability Between 1919-23 Came from the Right. How Far Do You Agree?

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The Main threat to Weimar stability between 1919-23 came from the right. How far do you agree?
The right WERE a serious problem to stability for the Weimar between   1919-23. But so were the far left, some aspects of the new constitution and the country was also threatened by   economic challenges that threatened to overwhelm her.   Some of this was due to Versailles but some was due to overspending accrued in the build up to WWI.
There can be little doubt that the right posed a threat to stability.   Whilst never a recognised cohesive movement with an agenda, there’s was the politics of hate and disruption.   The malicious Organisation Consul made many assassination attempts and were successful against Mathias Erzburger and Walter Ratheneau until they were outlawed in 1922. The judiciary, as well as university professors, the police, army and civil servants were all loyal to the memory of the Kaiser and the former saw to it that justice was skewed in favour of the right.   The army, for their part, were traditionally right wing but recognised – for the time being – the value of the Republic in the face of communist threats to seize power. General Groener indeed made the famous ‘pact’ with Ebert that proposed mutual survival and recognition, but the army’s heart was never with the Republic.   More dangerous was the atmosphere created by the Freikorps, who for a while had worked with the government against the left but when – in 1920 after Versailles – these regiments were called on to disband, Wolfgang Kapp saw his chance and attempted a coup in Berlin. It failed due to the lack of worker support (who actually went on strike and brought Berlin to a standstill). Later, in 1922, Hitler attempted a similar thing with the Munich Putsch which was poorly organised and failed due to the police managing to contain the situation. Explicitly, the right achieved little but were sinister in the fact that so many people in positions of power supported them. They lacked a ‘champion’...


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  1. great essay
    • Dec 21, 2011 - Evaluator: (AnnieFellas)
    • i really really liked your essay but at some points i think u are abit to discribtive plus u missed out a couple of points such as the representation in the constitution or some of the revolutions and atempts from the left but all in all i loved ur essay thank u so much u helped me out ^^