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Word processing evaluation

The difference between Serif and San serif fonts
Serif fonts have curls at the end of the letter. They are used for sentences and paragraphs.

E.g. Bookman old style, Book Antiqua, Times new roman, Garamond
Sans Serif fonts have no curls

Sans serif is comic sans, Arial, century gothic, Franklin gothic book


Four enters after the date, three after the inside letter.
Subject headings are typed on the left margin in bold
If something is enclosed type enc


Type data on a left tab next to sub heading
Always use automatic date e.g. 18 march 2010
Insert reference initials four down from the body


Vertically and horizontally centre on the page.
Vertical = file page setup layout top centre
Horizontal = click on table, table, table properties centre
Vertically centre within cell = icon next to blue grid on toolbar

Superscript and subscripts numbers
Format font

Merge headings – blue grid
Use indent marker to even up white space within the column

Insert filename and path through the footer menu insert autotext
Know how to page number and change its size
Watch page breaks
Know how to set out second level headings
Type references on a new page
ORDER FOR REFERENCE. Author year title (italics), place and publisher
Overall order is alphabetical to first author.
Enter twice after each reference.
Second line is indent!

Fill the page making sure there is balance
Use graphics to enhance text but keep it in perspective
Use a variety of display features e.g. shadow bold italics, spacing point size variation, extended character spacing and alignment right or left
Page border

Know the difference between a hyphen and a dash
Know how to do a reverse text box
Proof read three times and double check all instructions
Know how to use the thesaurus and find & change


Express your owns thoughts and ideas on this essay by writing a grade and/or critique.

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