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What does community mean to me?
So I started to think this through and come up with 'my version' of what a community is

Good Schools.
Good Local investments(shops, money eg: Narellan Town Centre)t.
Good Job Prospects.
Safety (police/ roads)
Plenty to do (entertainment-young & old, shops).

My perspective on what makes a good community?

My definition of community development?

My view’s on how a community should be developed?

Examples of the actions and attitudes that I believe that a welfare worker should use to practice the above community development?

Talking about community development
People talk about community development in many different ways. Neighbourhood and Community Centre Coordinators have described community development as:
    • planning services
    • servicing self help groups
    • running support and social action groups
    • building community networks
    • participating in inter-agency meetings
    • undertaking needs assessment
    • increasing people's skills
    • resourcing the community to meet needs
    • improving quality of life
    • defining priorities
    • working towards social justice
    • empowering individuals and communities.

Several uses of Community Development
People use the term community development in many different ways. Three of the principal uses are outlined in the table. They are contrasted with direct service.
  |Process   |Driven by |Values   |Role of CD worker | |Community Development |A. "Community development" |People in the community & perceived community needs   |Participation
Democracy   |Facilitate people in the community | | |B. Capacity building/infrastructure development |Government policy
Government and nonprofit agencies |Coordination
Whole of government |Collaborating,
Working with other agencies
Facilitating agencies | | |C. Economic development |Business & government policy |Return on investment...


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