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Slavery & Racism

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Slavery and racism were a big part of the American South. I think that the relationship between them is that Americans were racist against African Americans because they were different than them in a lot of different ways. Americans were wealthier; they owned land and had education. Because African Americans weren’t given the right to vote, or go to school everyone was racist against them because they were different. The North didn’t really have slaves, but indentured servants. After their time was served, they were let go. The South was big on slaves and really racist against blacks. I think that the existence of free blacks just showed the difference between the North and South and how different they really were. To me, the North seemed to be more independent, they were the entrepreneurs. The Southerners were the farmers, and didn’t want to do all the work on their own because it was a lot of work. So they got the minority to do it for them, for hardly any compensation. They didn’t want blacks to be free because they didn’t want to have to find other help. They didn’t want to have to pay someone more money to do their work because they were white.
Democracy is government by the people. When the Constitution was being written, they had no source to base the document on other than what they knew and thought. People wrote the Constitution for other people. When the Founding Fathers came together they wanted to separate from Britain because their home country was imposing its will on them without any colonial representation in British legislatures. Later, with democratic ideals in mind, the builders of the Constitution drafted the document that governs our society. They promised to make a foundation for a strong country that would not treat its citizen like England. Unfortunately, the Constitution, at its agreement fell significantly short on many democratic ideals. While there are several points of possible discussion, three specific issues, slavery, universal...


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