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Napoleon Iii

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Napoleon III

Napoleon III better known as Charles-Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (April 20, 1808 - January 9, 1873) was the son of King Louis Bonaparte and Queen Hortense de Beauharnais; both monarchs of the Kingdom of Holland. Nephew of Napoleon I was the first president elected by the French republic. He was elected by popular vote 1848. Being named after one of the greatest rulers of France, Louis Napoleon III had no simple task, but that is not to say he did not handle it with tremendous grace.
During the rein of his uncle Louis Napoleon’ s parents were made king and queen of the Kingdom of Holland. Because of Napoleon I’s military defeats in 1815 every member of the Bonaparte family were forced into exile. Louis was raised in Switzerland and received his education in Bavaria, which was an independent kingdom that had Munich for capital. “According to the law of succession Napoleon I had made when he was Emperor, the claim passed first to his son, the Duke of Reichstadt, known by Bonapartists as Napoleon II, or as "the King of Rome", the title his father had given him before the collapse of the Empire, a sickly youth living under virtual imprisonment at the court of Vienna. Next in line was Napoleon I's eldest brother Joseph Bonaparte, followed by Louis Bonaparte and his sons. Since Joseph had no male children, and because Louis-Napoléon's own elder brother had died in 1831, the death of the Duke of Reichstadt in 1832 made Louis-Napoléon the Bonaparte heir in the next generation. “
“Thus he secretly returned to France in October 1836, for the first time since his childhood, to try to lead a Bonapartist coup at Strasbourg. Louis-Philippe had established the July Monarchy in 1830, and was confronted with opposition from the Legitimists, the Independents and the Bonapartists. The coup failed and Louis-Napoléon returned to Switzerland. When Louis-Philippe demanded his extradition, the Swiss refused to hand over a man who was a citizen and a member of their armed...


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