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The Assessed Causes of the First World War

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Long Term Causes And Arguments:

In 1838, a agreement was formed to protect Belgium if attacked or invaded. Briton along with other major European powers signed this therefore dragging themselves into the First World War when Germany invaded Belgium to fight France.

In 1848, Austria-Hungary under Franz Josef lost a war against   France, beginning a long rivalry between the two countries.

In 1860, Italy was founded which agravated Austria-Hungary as parts of ithe land had originally been owned by them.

In 186, Austria-Hungary under Franz Josef lost to Prussia creating tention between Austria-Hungary and yet more countries within Europe.

In 1870, the Franco-Prussian War happened. France, led by Napoleon III, lost to Wilhelm I. This loss meant Alsace-Lorraine was joined on to Germany Empire. France would never forget this and was keen for revenge.

In 1875, France set up a War college “Ecole Superieure de Guerre” which implied that they were building up a strong army to attack Germany again.

In 1879, the Dual Allience was formed between Germany and Austria-Hungary, although Wilhem I was afraid that it might damage relations with Russia, which had always supported Prussia.

In 1881, The Emperors League was formed creating more allies for Germany and Austria-Hungary.

In 1882, Italy who had been waiting to see which was the stronger empire between the two sides finally joined Germany and formed the Triple allience.

In 1888, Wilhelm I died and Wilhelm II was appointed Emperior of Germany.

In 1890, Germany refused to renew the Russian Reinsurance Treaty and lets Russia go off to find new allies.

In 1891, Russia and France agreed to protect each other if either country was attacked(the Franco-Russian Alliance).   This created more strain on Germany as the surrounding empires teamed up.

In 1904, Briton became an unoffical member...


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