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One argument is that law on the books summarizes the set of rules and covers up the known facts and provides an imperfect view of the day-to-day realities of the courthouse. Law in action, on the other hand, concentrates on the factors governing the actual application of the law. Another argument is the fact that law on the books seems to suggest a streamlined criminal process with defendants entering at arrest and constantly moving through various stages until conviction and sentencing. Last but not least, law on the books fail to answer all the questions that arise in a case, but law in action helps us understand that there are many steps and maybe some detours and the dynamics of courthouse justice. I find the law in action most convincing because it does not show me that the criminal process is just about arrest, conviction, and sentencing, as if those are the only stages. It shows me that there are detours and other things going on in between all of that.
      Prosecutors represent the level of government they are employed by and go by a number of official titles. The U.S. attorney general heads the U.S. Department of Justice and is a member of the president’s cabinet. The solicitor general, third ranking official, principal task is to represent the executive branch before the Supreme Court. The U.S. attorney serves as the nations principal litigators under the direction of the attorney general and represents the federal government in court. The state attorney general Is the state’s chief law enforcement official, but their authority over local criminal procedures is limited and have no legal authority to initiate or intervene in local prosecutions. The chief prosecutor has great autonomy in prosecuting felony cases and typically argues cases on appeal. Local prosecutors are responsible for the preliminary stages of felony cases as they are processed in the lower courts. The ethical issues that are involved are disclosure of evidence, conflict of interest,...


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