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Prosecuting Lawyer

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What inspired me to want to become a prosecuting lawyer is my human condition. The way I was raised and my surrounding made me what to pursue in this career. I found about this profession by personal references, research and diligent. What attracted me to become a prosecuting lawyer am because it gives me the opportunity to legally express my opinion, and by doing it the right way. In the past and as if now I’ve had experiences with this profession by volunteering at my Grandmothers beauty shop, I’ve also have retail experiences.

Related occupations are judges, teacher (law teacher, college, and high school), law clerk (first year out of law), politics-legislator, campaign advisor, writer, and researcher. For a law clerk its natural day of work is wide range of projects and cases, and to serve with a variety of judges. Law clerks do research and other tasks for law firms, lawyers, or the courts. A clerkship can be thought of as an internship where the clerk basically does everything a lawyer does except appear in court to argue a case. Clerks are responsible for much of the behind-the-scenes work on a case; research, reporting, and summarizing for lawyers and courts. To be a law clerk, you need at least a Bachelor's degree. Law clerks are usually law students who are working towards their degree and have not taken the bar. This occupation does involve handling people, and very important documents. Unfortunately there are no other possible fields of specialization in this occupational field. This job would be much harder and take more time if it wasn’t for technology. Technology has truly changed this field by more efficiently typing papers, less time on handling and controlling documents and keep tract of important papers. In the future the law clerk field is supposedly supposed to grow at a faster average between the years 2008-2018 than normal, at a pace of 5% every 6 months. Though the Average Law Clerk salaries for job postings nationwide are 61% lower than...


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