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John Qunicy Adams

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John Quincy Adams was the first president who was the son of a president. He was

Born in Braintree, Massachusetts, in 1767. He was secretary to his father in Europe, and

became a linguist and a diarist. After he graduated Harvard college he became a lawyer,

he was unsuccessful as a lawyer so he was then appointed minister to the Netherlands by

President Washington. In 1803 he was elected to the United States senate with the

Federalist Party behind him, later he changed to the Democratic Republican party. John

Quincy wanted to represent nation not just Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Federalist

party's leader described him as "too unmanageable" and chose another man to be their

next senator. John Quincy then planned to continue being a professor at Harvard, But

president Madison appointed him as a minister to Prussia. James Monroe became

president, he made him Secretary of State. When there appeared to be countries who

wanted to conquer parts of Central and South America, England suggested that the United

States join them. John Quincy thought this over carefully and came to the conclusion that

the United States should act alone in opposing foreign invasion. He advised President

Monroe as well as other groups in our government of his ideas. President Monroe

announced it in his annual address so it became the "Monroe Doctrine". Both Madison

and Monroe where both senates before becoming president so everyone thought the same

for John Quincy. He had been a part of many things for this country and he seemed to be

well suited to be the president. People thought that Adams was a smart man. But they also

thought he was cold toward other people. Adams did not like to be with common people.

This showed when he was out campaigning for people to vote for him. Adams did not get

enough votes to become president. No one else did, either. Because of this, the House of

Representatives had to pick...


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