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So Much to Tell You Essay

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So Much to Tell You Essay
The themes explored in “So Much to Tell You” By John Marsden are relationships; family issues; attitude; Self Image/ Identity. In this Novel you are reading the diary entries of a teenager by the name of Marina, she has been sent to boarding school because her mother hopes it will get her talking again.
The point of view of this book is first person and is written as an internal monologue and displayed in a diary format. The only problem with the novel being first person is that you only get one side of the story. So you don’t know how they others react to Marina even though she tells you that “I make the nice ones angry” but we don’t know how true this is we just have to trust that Marina is truthful.
The relationship the main character (Marina) has with most of the people she knows is cold in the way she treats everyone in her dorm, like when hey try to talk to her she ignores them and runs away. Marina doesn’t know why she does the she just does. There are only a couple of people Marina communicates with and they are a girl she sits next to in prep Cathy. She would be the closest thing Marina would have to a Friend. Cathy Has invited Marina to her house several time. Because Marina doesn’t talk it make it hard to talk to Cathy even though she really likes. The only way they communicate is through notes they write to one another during prep “I’m sorry about yelling at you. I was in a foul after science ‘cos Hardcastle virtually accuse me of cheating. It wasn’t anything you did. I’m sorry - I think you’re nice and I want to be friends.     Cathy” (p 25) after that Marina had no idea of what to do because so wasn’t use to the attention even it was so small. The other Positive relationship she has is with her English teacher Mr. Lindell and his family. Marina makes the reader feel as if Mr. Lindell family is her family and that she fits into it. Mr. Lindell is the only person Marina trusts so when she was in Hospital so wrote to him...


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