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The Hindu

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The term “Hinduism” was introduced by the British to denote the religious, philosophical and cultural traditions native to India. In Sanskrit we call it “Sanathana Dharma” meaning eternal Law. Hinduism is a way of life in India. This Indian way of life has been moulded by the Vedas, which are also known as shruthis.
The Sanskrit word ‘shruthi’ means that which is heard. Śhruthi is said to have no author; rather, it is believed to be a divine recording of the “cosmic sounds of truth”, heard by rishis or saints.
The shruthis have thus evolved through hearing. Shruthi is the very reason that the Upanishads exist. The word “Upanishad” when literally translated is “sitting at the feet or in the presence of a teacher.” This kind of teaching probably existed in India ages before it was set down in any written form and was passed down from the gurus to their disciples only through speaking and listening. This art of listening can’t be more relevant and practical than in the present situation. Everyone wants to talk and talk but no one seems to listen anymore. Right from homes to big political gatherings, everyone wants to voice his or her opinion. Nowadays listening and mutual understanding is very less and the result is dissatisfaction which has stemmed and snowballed into wars.
A child wants a mother to listen and the mother wants the child to listen; a husband wants the wife to listen and vice versa; the employer wants his employees to listen and the employees want the superiors to listen; When we see the global situation, India wants Pakistan to listen and Pakistan wants India to listen. The same thing is true of Iran Iraq and Israel Palestine. The United States of America wants all these nations to listen to them and all nations appeal to the US to listen to them.
Today’s world is full of talk, talk, talk. Back home in India, I saw a big advertisement of a telecom company that says, “Talk more!” As it is we talk too much, and because we are always talking, we...


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