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The Hindu Grief

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This fact cannot be ignored that a country which was the centre of the Vedic religion in the world still has a majority population of followers of Hinduism, an aftermath of the Vedic religion, though our country is a secular one.
After Independence, Hinduism or Hindutva has often been used for political gains, not by those parties who have Hindutva on their agenda but by those who oppose it.
Another fact cannot also be ignored that the terrorist activities which started in the backdrop of Jihadi movement and Pakistan's illegitimate demand for Kashmir had almost every terrorist belonging to the "so called minority community in India". The beginning of this 3rd millenium saw internal terrorist attacks on Hindu holy places like that of Varanasi etc.
The so called secular parties, who under the garb of this shit of "secularism", only try to appease those who are not from the majority community have now started blaming the Hindu groups of professing "Saffron Terrorism". Recent confessions by certain Hindu chieftans of their involvement in Ajmer and Malegaon blast raises serious questions in the minds of the people from the majority community in this country. This has given the so called Secular parties weapon against the Hindu Nationalist organisations like RSS and parties like the BJP.
But a flipside is also to be seen where these so called Secular parties like that of the ruling Congress and its allies at the UPA instead of fighting their own internal failures of rampant corruption and monstrous NAXALISM and CROSS BORDER TERRORISM have instead got this new JINNIE of BHAGVA AATANKVAAD.

I ask these so called "secular monsters" that:
In a country where out of 130 crores of people, atleast 85 crores are HINDUS, can't even mere 85 people be extremists, and has the involvement of such meagre numbers created terrorism?
Why are these secular monsters not paying heed to the fact that in almost all activities of terrorists at places of National importance, the...


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