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Our president is going against everything he said before he was elected. President Barrack Obama shouldn’t be running our country because was not born in the united states or in american teritory.He is trying to change our bill of rights,soon we probablly will not have freedom of speech or our right to bare arms. Obama is ruining our country, truly I don’t know why people are stupid enough to elect a muslim to run a christian based country and he doesn’t even belong to a church.I think he should be taken out of power because soon america will not be a free country anymore.His speech that he is going to present is one of the many things he is going to do,all he is trying to do is brainwash all of us and trying to make us think he is everything when all he is, is a little scumbag lier he didn’t mean what he said before he got elected.I think that the thirteen former states of the confederate states would break free from the USA. I love america but what its coming to I hate. We are going to loose our justice freedom and everything else if he stays our president. Even bush was a better president then this terrorist we call the president which by the way can rot in the devils arms.No one can say anything about this essay that im writing because for now I still have the right of freedom of speech.Obama is nothing but a piece of dirt that doesn’t know what it is doing and that shouldn’t run a country. On Tuesday 8,2009 he is broadcasting a speech to try and brainwash all the students but not me because I am not watching it even if I have to walk out of the classroom I refuse to watch it. The pricipal can give me detention or in school or whatever I don’t care what they do im not watching that speech. I have the right to walk out of that classroom. Obama is the type of person that I dispise, I cant stand to look at him or even hear his name. If I have to I will burry every gun I own so that they cant take them which by the way the bill of rights states that an american...


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