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Some People Say That Physical Exercise Should Be a Required Part of Every School Day. Other People Believe That Students Should Spend the Whole Day on Academic Studies. Which Opinion Do You Agree with? Give Specific

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Students spend almost their whole day in schools. On the one hand some people say students should spend whole of these times on academic studies, but on the other hand there are other people who are agreed with physical exercise that should be a part of everyday school’s schedule. In my opinion students should do some physical exercises every day.
Paying too much time on academic studies make students one-dimensional. Exercise let them to become familiar with other field of activities alongside studying. Besides it will teach them how to participate in a group activity, also they can learn cooperating, team working and even competing with each other. So having an hour exercise can improve student’s ability in other fields beside academic studies and not having one-dimensional personality.
Moreover, exercise can promote health both mentally and physically. Nowadays because of bad diet, many children and teenagers are exposed to different kind of diseases like obesity. Exercise in early ages can reduce danger of these diseases and keep students fit, because it makes them to move more and can burn extra calories. So the number of patients to diseases such as cardiovascular illness, high blood pressure and obesity in older ages can diminish.
In addition, many students have much stress because of exams, home works, projects that they should do. Studies show that exercise can relieve stress and make feel good, because during exercise brain releases endorphin that makes body relax and energetic. Furthermore physical exercise is a frisky activity that makes students happier. Also it can make brain to work better in concentrating, learning and analyzing, but how? During exercise, the heart beat rate increases that cause inhaling more oxygen so the amount oxygen that delivered to body’s organs such as brain increased and even more blood goes around body, thus, brain’s performance rise.
To sum up, physical exercise should be a part of school’s schedule, because it can...


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