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Benefits of Physical Exercise

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Benefits of Exercise Physical Fitness and Wellness

PED 110 – 02 Fit and Wellness for Life

03 March 2010

Benefits of Exercise Physical Fitness and Wellness

Clearly the human body is a garden of life. It is the most amazing creation ever given the chance to grow and survive on its own.   The 206 bones and 632 muscles are ours to take care and nourish.   But to do so, we must exercise and maintain our bodies with committed, regular practice to maximize our physical and mental faculties.   If it is time to start taking care of your body, wellness means work and requires energy.   The body will not take care of itself automatically, so you can get started with the right frame of mind and determination with little cost and time involved.
The human body was made for mobility, maneuverability, flexibility, strength, and precision.   Exercise contributes to the body’s need for form, strength, flexibility, endurance, function, and effectiveness.   The five components of physical fitness are necessary in an exercise program.   They include:   flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body composition.
      Flexibility, which is stretching individual muscles to loosen those short and tight tendons and ligaments, is critical to any exercise program..   This brief procedure can decrease the likelihood of injury during aerobic and weight lifting exercises.   Always take the time to stretch both at the beginning and the end of your exercise routine to perform better during your next session.
      Muscular endurance is a repetitive movement of large muscle groups that increase the body’s ability to perform consistently without interruption.   This includes jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, jumping rope, step aerobics, or dance aerobics, all of which burn calories and help manage your weight.   Muscular strength consist of lifting, which is a resistance or muscle building causing a force a muscle can produce.   These activities...


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