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Exercise for Overall Health

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The concept of exercise programs leading to an increased level of health is not new. However, most relevant literature that is currently available tends to be skewed toward research studies that test specifics rather than a subjective perception of exercise. Most case studies focus on a certain exercise, a certain demographic, or more commonly, exercises’ effects upon specific ailments and illnesses.
Rather than focus on the specific, scientific causes and effects of exercise, the purpose of this study is to find a correlation between four major variables that include the participant, their initial reason for adding an exercise regimen, the type of regimen, and lastly, their overall satisfaction level as it pertains to their perspective of their overall health and wellness. In order to get a better understanding of the correlation between the actual participant and the results, it is necessary to understand who these participants truly are, their decision influencers, the exact program and their satisfaction in terms of it’s effectiveness to elevate their overall wellness level. Fully understanding these four major elements are required to effectively correlate the participants and their perceived increased level of general wellness, or their satisfaction level, with the assumption that they wanted to increase their overall health as much as possible.
Are these participants’ mothers, students, men, blue-collar workers, or the unemployed?   Did they decide to exercise because they have an ailment, needed an outlet for stress, or just had extra leisure time on their hands? Have they chosen a program that is self-guided, group guided, or mentor guided? Have they chosen a program that is modified to their limitations or abilities or are they following a very specific program? And finally, do they believe their health has improved slightly or greatly? There is a correlation between each of these elements. In order to better describe and understand these participants...


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