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“Obesity in Philadelphia”

    February 6,2012

  In the city of Philadelphia crime is not the only problem that is on the rise. The health concerns in obese Philadelphians is a major problem and has become a public health crisis.   Building community awareness through public events and media can create a sense of urgency among the community’s citizens.   By developing programs in the schools, health insurance reimbursements and menu awareness, the entire city is involved in health prevention programs. By starting these programs there will be a decrease or elimination of potential complications related to obesity, an increase in energy, and an increase in self-esteem.
In 2008, 64% of adults and 57% of children, ages 6-11 years of age were overweight or obese. Nearly 70% of children are overweight or obese live in North Philadelphia according to the CDC. Nationwide, the numbers of obesity has tripled in the past 20 years and the obesity related medical spending totaled $147 billion in 2008. Heart disease, some forms of cancer and type 2 diabetes are mainly in obese patients. “In Philadelphia, approximately 24,000 Philadelphians died of diseases that were caused by poor diet and physician inactivity. “   In Philadelphia, the number of fruit and vegetable consumption is only 25% per children and 30% of adults getting one of fewer servings per day. Nearly the same percentage eats out in fast food restaurants more than 3 times a week and and 1 in 3 high school students drink soda daily.
Another problem amongst Philadelphians is the amount of physical activity.   National Diabetes Clearinghouse (2006), states “that there needs to be at least moderate activity for 30 minutes a day five days a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Statistics show that,” Philadelphians do not get any sustained physical activity even once a week and nearly half of the adults exercise less than 3 times a week. Philadelphia has an wonderful structure for healthy...


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