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The Necklace

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A person's actions can say many things about a person's nature. The Story, The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant introduced the life a character name Mathilde Losiel.   Mathilde was a beautiful woman who believed that somehow she was born to the wrong life because of her weakness for wealth. She wished that she was born into a higher class, which made her want to appear to others as if she lead, a life of luxury. Mathilde believes that she should be married to a man of wealth and not a little clerk in the Ministry of Public Instructions, which only pays them enough to get by. Her desire to for wealth prevents her from finding satisfaction with any aspect of her life. It seems like nothing is good enough for her.   However unexpected events in her life change her from having a weakness for wealth to women who accepts her place in life.   These changes can be seen in her clothing, the way she treats her husband, and her role in the home.
When Mathilde‘s husband gets an invitation to a ball, it gives her an opportunity to live her ultimate dream. After Mathilde was informed about the party, she replies “And what do you expect me to wear there?”(Maupassant 6). Mathilde then talks about the fancy clothes that she does not have to attend this party. The statement definitely shows Mathilde’s true nature of wanting to be wealthy because she knows that she is unable to afford what she deeply desires.     After Mathilde awful statement, she has the leisure to buy herself a new dress for the party with the money that her husband has been saving. This was not even enough for her. She wanted shoes and jewelry to go with her new dress so she could feel like she was accepted by the elegant women and men that would be present at the party. This weakness for wealth is a trait that causes most of her problems that results in the borrowing of the necklace from one of her close friends that she has consider rich. Of course while searching threw her friend’s jewelry, she chooses the necklace...


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