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Same Sex Marraige

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Tom Clinge
Andrew Buckler
English Composition I
Same Sex Marriage Persuasive
Think about why people get married. For most of them, they marry because they are in love with someone and want to spend the rest of their lives with them. As Robert M. Baird explains, “marriage is the highest form of interpersonal commitment and friendship achievable between sexually attracted persons” (Baird 62).Some of these couples end up having families, however some remain by themselves. Now think about this, should it be allowed for gays to have the right to get married? Well, for gays that live in this country, this civil right has been taken away in most states. The majority of this country does not allow same-sex marriage for several reasons. I feel that not allowing gays to marry is wrong because I feel that anyone should be able to marry whoever they love as it’s a natural right that everyone should have. The main arguments of why states don’t allow same-sex marriage are because it’s a strong religious argument, and people feel that marriage should be for procreation; however these arguments can be easily countered and there is also the argument that not allowing gay marriage prevents gays of benefits from marriage and their civil right is taken away.
Most of the United States doesn’t allow same sex marriage for several reasons; among these reasons are homosexuality is a sin and should not be allowed and marriage is for procreation. By not allowing gays to marry one another, their civil right to marry whomever they want is being deprived from them. This is morally wrong as the country is discriminating against gays however they say that they have claims that make them right. If people say that homosexuality is a sin and same sex marriage should remain illegal is wrong for them to say because there are many different types of sinners, such as murderers, idol worshipers and yet they can still get married. This is wrong for states to reason this way too...


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