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Reloading Rifle Ammunition

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Reloading rifileammunition If a person is considering reloading ammunition it is probably due to the advantages that reloading gives such as being cheaper, as well as improving the accuracy of the ammo.the later of the two being the dominant advantage.an ethical hunter will want to achieve the most efficient way to take the prey.byfollowing the steps below the hunter can increase the odds of an ethical kill.thesteps that will be discussed are cleaning, preparing, and loading of the cartridge. There are a few things required to reload let us look at the basic inventory list. The equiptment consists of the press(a lever operated device mounted to a stable location)a die of the caliber selected ex.(30.06,308,270….)that attaches to the press. A shell holder is needed to hold the cartridge to the press piston, a primer pocket cleaner, a case brush, some case lube and a deburring tool, also some type of scale whether a balance beam type or digital the choice is up to the individual doing the reloading. The first step is to gather the already fired cases(shell,cartridge) into groups then proceed to wipe the outer part of the shell. Then use the case brush by inserting it into the shell and vigorously moving the brush in and out to remove any debri inside the case. Then apply the case lube to the outside of the shell then insert the shell into the shell holder and stroke the lever on the press this is the decapping process in which the shell is resized( compressed back to original shape and size) and the primer is removed from the shell. After decapping it is necessary to clean the hole where the primer is to be reinstalled this is accomplished by twisting the primer pocket cleaner into the hole until it is clear of debri. The second step is to prepare the case. This is accomplished by deburring the neck of the cartridge with the beburring tool . this is done by inserting the tool into the bullet end of the case and pressing and twisting to remove any nicks or burrs. Then...


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